Australasia’s largest end-to-end PE recycling facility

Circular Plastics Australia (PE) is a joint venture between Pact Group and Cleanaway.


Located in Laverton, Victoria, this state-of-the-art facility processes more than 20,000 tonnes of HDPE and PP (or the equivalent of over half a billion plastic milk bottles and food tubs) into recycled resins used for food, beverage, and industrial packaging.

The plastic feedstock and containers recycled by the plant is collected from household recycling bins through Cleanaway’s material recovery facilities network. The recycled resins replace local and imported virgin resin in the manufacturing of new packaging for Pact’s food, beverage and personal customers, and give consumers the opportunities to buy recycled – something that we know is very important to them.

Funding Support

This project is being supported by the Victorian Government through its Recycling Victoria Infrastructure Fund and the Australian Government through its Recycling Modernisation Fund.

Circular Plastics Australia (PE) – How it works


Consumers recycle and Cleanaway collects and sorts


Circular Plastics Australia (PE) process and pelletise into food-grade and non food-grade recycled plastic resin


Pact Group remake the recycled resin into new packaging for its food, beverage and personal care customers


Australasian consumers can choose packaging that contains locally recycled plastic

Many brand owners have committed to reduce their reliance on virgin plastic by 2025. This facility will enable food and beverage manufacturers to include locally processed recycled content in their packaging providing a major benefit to the environment.

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