About us

Circular Plastics Australia was formed by a unique industry partnership determined to provide more sustainable packaging solutions. We have leveraged the unique skills and complementary expertise of each like minded joint venture partner to build scaled end-to-end solutions that will successfully accelerate a local circular economy.

Our vision

To positively impact our environment, community and economy through onshore sustainable plastics recycling partnerships.

Our joint ventures

For many years, Australia has lacked the local processing capacity to manage waste collected through kerbside collections and Container Deposit Schemes (CDS). Prior to China’s waste import bans and more recently, Australia’s plastic export bans, most of this recyclable material was sent offshore.

Circular Plastics Australia is changing this.

We are building the most advanced recycling infrastructure in the region to ensure that traceable, certified, locally-collected and processed food-grade and non food-grade recycled resin is available to Australasian manufactures.

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Our footprint

To date we have build three new world-class facilities that will recycle more than 60,000 tonnes of post consumer plastic packaging into high quality resins (including food grade) each year.


The recycled resin will replace local and imported virgin resin in the manufacturing of new packaging.

It’s a complete closed loop approach.


Key locations

  • CPA (PET): Albury

    10 McLaurin Road

    Ettamogah NSW 2640

  • CPA (PE): Laverton

    32 Gilbertson Rd
    Laverton VIC 3026

  • CPA (PET): Altona North

    Portlink Logistics Estate
    31-38 Horsburgh Drive
    Altona North VIC 3025

Our technology and innovation

Circular Plastics Australia is accelerating the plastics circular economy by investing in world-class technology and platforms that unlock the value of post-consumer and post-industrial plastic waste.


Our state-of-the-art near infrared (NIR) sorting, washing, extrusion and decontamination processing technology produces the highest quality, locally sourced recycled resins at scale.

Circular Plastics Australia sites are Food and Drug Administration (FDA)/European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) approved and Food Safety System Certification (FSSC) quality compliant to allow us to lead the way in food-safe recycled resins.

Circular Plastics Australia’s joint venture partners

Leveraging their unique skills and complementary expertise our partners develop scaled end-to-end solutions that can successfully build a local circular economy.

Pact Group

Pact’s vision is to lead the circular economy through innovative Packaging, Reuse and Recycling solutions. Pact creates smarter ways of reducing waste by reusing and recycling plastic. By treating plastic waste as a resource and diverting it from landfill, we can keep it in circulation well into the future. As a future-driven group, Pact is committed to creating lasting value for the environment.


Cleanaway offers its customers an unrivalled capacity to collect, process, treat, recycle or safely dispose of any type of waste. Because Cleanaway sees all waste as a resource, managing Australia’s waste needs isn’t a matter of asking “where does it go now?”, but “what can it be next?”

Asahi Beverages

Asahi Beverages makes and distributes some of Oceania’s most loved drinks.
With leading brands including Schweppes and Pepsi Max, to Vodka Cruiser and Great Northern and Victoria Bitter, Cool Ridge water, Spring Valley juice and Allpress Espresso, we have beverages for every occasion. Asahi Beverages manufacturing plants can be found in all Australian states and New Zealand.

Coca-Cola Europacific Partners

Coca-Cola Europacific Partners is one of the world’s leading consumer goods companies. As one of the largest bottlers and distributors of non-alcoholic and alcoholic ready-to-drink beverages in Australia, CCEP has a portfolio that offers a beverage for every occasion. CCEP success is built on great people, great service, and great beverages; done sustainably.

This is how we do it

Watch how Circular Plastics Australia is transforming the local circular economy.

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